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Visionary Nurse® Gift Sets Box #1 includes:

1. Soft, bella canva short-sleeved tee (black or white) branded with Living a Visionary Life or Visionary slogan. Pairs great with scrubs, everyday wear, or comfort wear after a long shift. Unisex all sizes in S, M, L, XL


2. A bright 8oz. ceramic mug with inspiring Visionary Nurse® message for the ultimate morning pick me up, or afternoon relaxing self-care moment.


3. A special access code to download Antonette Montalvo’s Visionary Nurse®: 90-days of Inspirational Musings ebook or audiobook, designed for everyday affirmations and encouragement.


4. The Living a Visionary Life™️ flexible, spiral bound notebook has perforated pages and perfect for reflecting during those self-care moments, jotting notes during a shift, or capturing future vision plans, ideas, and goals.

Visionary Nurse® Gift Sets: Living a Visionary Life

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Visionary Tee
  • T-shirt should be washed inside out with like colors to avoid fading or compromising lettering on the shirt.


    Outside cover (back and front covers) of notebook can be wiped with clean cloth, moist towelette, or sanitizing wipe. Sharpie™ or permanent marker can be used to fill in the "This visionary journal belongs to" blank line.



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