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Visionary Nursing: Embracing Change; Staying Relevant

The world is shifting, and traditional nursing as we know it is changing. In order for nurses to continue to be relevant and embrace the uniqueness of our profession, we must be visionaries in how we use our talents, skills, and energy to make major impacts on healthcare, both locally and globally.

Nursing, in my opinion, has always been unique in one major area, its versatility. The skills, knowledge, and people-skills gained in nursing not only prepare you to find a job, literally, anywhere, but it also allows you to be relevant in just about every setting in our society. From hospitals to community centers, from rural towns to urban cities, from telehealth to village health, being a nurse, in its true essence, is both concrete and fluid all at the same time. Nurses are able to re-define themselves at any given moment, given the desire, energy, and drive to do so. You could be an expert in the ICU or the ER. You could work with kids, adults, the elderly. Our experience can land us in the board room or in government, but it really is up to us to envision our limitless opportunities.

And that is the key, WE, despite our outside exterior or where we choose to work, or with whom we choose to affiliate ourselves, must be willing to re-define ourselves at any given moment, and be ready to offer a fresh vision and perspective wherever we land. Being a visionary not only keeps us relevant in a fast-changing society, but it also allows us to be an impacting force of influence in how our society is shaped. The nursing profession's understanding of people's vulnerabilities, how to care for others, and the vision to see ourselves as able to impact others, can and will influence how policy is made, the environment is treated, and communities are developed.

Our insight and experience, as nurses, not only shifts the way care is delivered, but also the way people understand how to care for themselves. The world is shifting, and traditional nursing as we know it is changing. So be relevant and be a visionary!

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