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In reflecting on 2018, I am in awe of all we saw take place throughout last year, both in my personal business endeavors with Antonette Montalvo Consulting and Coaching Services, as well as through our Montalvo International Community Health Initiative. It was definitely a year of growth, and it's easy to miss what has been accomplished until you look back.

From speaking engagements at student leadership conferences and events, to health workshops on breast cancer awareness, domestic violence awareness and prevention, and how to have healthier holidays, to local board memberships in business and health, to motivating others in the Life By Design Not by Default virtual summit - we have truly been humbled to invest in others as you all invest in us.

So, as always THANK YOU for the ways you have launched, supported, and propelled us in 2018.

May 2019 be filled with joy, prosperity, and happiness for you and yours! We hope to partner with you in throughout this year!

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