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The Price of Purpose

Faith, vision, education and health have always been a driving force behind my actions, and they often influence how I approach circumstances and difficulties. They have also been a foundation for me when I encounter trials that often feel as if they will derail me from my goals.

What I have recognized in this #visionary pursuit of purpose, is that it often comes at a price. A price that often feels beyond me, and, in some instances, too costly for me to handle. But, what I have also come to realize is that the obstacle, challenge, or hardship that we think may break us, can also be transformed into our greatest resource in finding our purpose. It can also ultimately allow us to positively influence others in their own purpose-filled journey.

For me, my purpose is to be a #visionary leader, passionately committed to helping others find their own unique purpose - as an opportunity to live a holistically healthy life. In my opinion, when people know what they are created for, it removes the dangerous misuse and abuse of others.

And, if you haven't been told before, please know that you do have a purpose in this life, one that is unique to you. Whether you feel you've uncovered it or not, you should never stop pursuing that God-given talent that naturally shines from you. So, always remember, you were created for greatness - believe that!

As an added bonus: check out my recent talk presented at #EsperanzaHealthCenter, my prior work family right before I took the big leap of faith into this Visionary Nurse journey. Hope it inspires you!

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