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In all honesty, yesterday was kind of a rough day for me. Someone very special to me (my godmother) passed away, and it created a sting that left me with a very heavy heart. But, somehow, between the tears and memories, I found myself being strengthened in knowing that she truly lived life to the fullest, and - as it was said by a close family friend, loved fiercely.

And in those words, I was also reminded that although we may very well experience the deep loss of yesterday, we should also recognize that with every day that we're given, we have the opportunity to celebrate at least one more day of life.

It may not be easy, but to live life fully, love fiercely, and give of yourself intentionally, is the true sign of being influentially visionary. So, since I have made it to this new day of 4/09/19, and I've been blessed with another day, I'm celebrating my anniversary... my 1-year BUSINESS anniversary that is!! 🎉🎉

One year ago today, I took the officially, scary leap into the #entrepreneurlife as as a Consultant and Coach & Mentor for Nurses under the branding of Visionary Nurse💡

It has in NO way been easy, I have encountered lots of rejections, and in many ways have faced some of the biggest challenges on all fronts of life. But like the Formula 409 guys, on this 4/09 day, I will keep going even if it takes 409 times to get it right!

And, with everyday I'm given I grow that much more, I help one more person, and I learn something new. And the hope is that I inspire others to be influentially visionary in their sphere of influence too.

And, to celebrate ALL things lovely about life, I'm doing a special anniversary sale on my new e-book! Just type in the promo code: LIFE409 to get a 5% discount!

I hope it inspires you and encourages you in your own day-to-day trials and successes! Oh yeah...and, in case you need a little pick me up... head to Ben & Jerry's because it's #freeconeday!! (Totally planned that, right... LOL!) Let's celebrate, and here's to living everyday to the fullest!

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