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A moment of silence

It's been a bit hectic these last few weeks, hence my moment of silence. And my last few posts have also been kind of heavy. But, what I've learned on this Visionary Nurse journey, is that sometimes it's good to be a silent to take in, absorb, and re-think where you've been, to ultimately, know where you're going.

For me, it also helps me take a look around and see the real life world happening around me, creating space to participate in this life I've been given.

Of course, it's also easy - when you're on a roll - to want to power through, accomplish all things, and put your life on display to feel you have some level of validation in the "accomplishments" you've placed on your list. But, when the hustle is done, what next? Are you one, like I am (in full disclosure), to keep stacking more things on, in a striving effort to feel as if you have checked all the boxes on your list, only to create more lists?

Do you make it a point to take a step back and digest?

In this very intense time in our world, and with the very "scroll-worthy" way of doing things, we can dangerously breeze over, feel we have to hyper-adjust, or too quickly bounce back from major transitions. And, if we don't take a moment to process all that we are encountering, it can lead to an overstacked mental overload, that ultimately ends up being far more detrimental than necessary.

Even in the successes, it's necessary to process, appreciate, and evaluate what's happening, as a way to maintain sustainability. Otherwise, it could also be easy to think that if success isn't happening, you've somehow done something wrong. Or, the clutter could keep you from maintaining a level of mental clarity needed to successfully progress in whatever it is you are daring to be a visionary in.

So, consider taking a moment of silence; if not for yourself, maybe on behalf of others. For me, I'm taking a moment for the tragic things occurring, like the unfortunate loss of nurse colleague - Lynne Truxillo; and for the amazing things occurring, like my recent feature on The Stay at Home Nurse blog.

What about you?

At the very least, let's do so to clear space in our mind, and ultimately, to be more effective in who we are and for whom we need to be for others.

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