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A Very Visionary Nurses Week 2019!

May is an amazing month to honor and celebrate others (in addition to all year long)! From Mothers' Day to Memorial Day, it's great to take intentional time out to appreciate those special in your life.

And for this Nurses Week (May 6-12), and in light of the World Health Organization declaring 2020 the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, now is a great time to elevate the special place Nurses play in our society!

In honor of the occasion, this Visionary Nurse is planning a variety of Nurses Week Events to promote the Visionary past, present, and future of Nursing! Check out the calendar below:

Monday, May 6, 2019: Visionary Future of Nursing

I'll be hanging out with local high school health sciences students to talk about being visionary in their approach to healthcare. I'm utilizing this opportunity to invest in the future of nursing, and excited to strengthen the innovative presence of nurses as leaders. If you'd like to support the cause: Consider purchasing a copy of the e-book on behalf of a student! (Special Nurses Week promo happening all week long... SEE BELOW!)

Tuesday May 7, 2019: Visionary Presents of Nursing :)

Join our Virtual Nurses Week Appreciation Event May 7th from 8-9pm on Facebook Live!

I am excited to share a self-care conversation designed with nurses in mind with R+F Consultant, Brie Holmes. We'll talk all things balance, skin care, and vision. The event will come with product giveaways and gifts! And all attendees will be entered for a surprise raffle item from Us to You! If you know a nurse or are a nurse professional of any degree, join in! Just connect with Visionary Nurse on Facebook!

Wednesday May 8, 2019: Visionary Nurse Voice

Join into the American Nurses Association (ANA) Elevating the Profession Webinar and Twitter Chat. Let your voice be heard, and strengthen the visionary presence of nurses in society!

Thursday May 9, 2019: Visionary Nurse Past: A Tribute to Lynne Truxillo

Fellow nurse colleague, and aunt to a dear friend, passed away after saving the life of a fellow co-worker during a patient attack. The blow is devastating to the family and the profession. I am imploring all nurse professionals to lend their social media profiles to honor Lynne (and her family), by posting the following image on May 9th as a tribute to her. I am also encouraging nurses to have real conversations with hospital administrators and policymakers about hospital (and all healthcare facility) safety.

Friday May 10, 2019: Visionary Nurse Early Career Tips Instagram Takeover

As a Coach and Mentor for Nurses, I am passionate about investing in the vision and advancement of nursing students and new-to-the profession nurses. Join me on Instagram as I share early career tips from my e-book in preparation for all you nursing school graduates out there! If you've been in the nursing game for a while, consider sharing your pics and tips from the early days!

**And all week long... I will have a special Nurses Week Special running for 20% ALL products and services purchased/booked that week (May 6 - 12). So invest in yourself, and take advantage of the sale! Just use the code: 2020 at checkout**

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