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Thank you to everyone who made this very Visionary Nurses Week a success! Having the opportunity to honor those in the profession, as well as encourage the future generation of nursing to be innovative in their approach to healthcare, has been nothing short of incredible.

Check out some of the highlights from the week:

This note from one of the teachers meant everything: "Thank you again for coming to speak, I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and could tell that my students were definitely engaged! You also made them think; probably about somethings that they have NEVER thought about before."

What a humbling moment!

And then there was celebrating my fellow nurses with R+F Consultant, Brie Holmes, and our wonderful opportunity to talk all things Self-Care and practical steps to being more balanced in our personal and professional endeavors. We even chatted about ways to supplement income that may be more sustainable than picking up extra shifts.

**LOOK: There's still time to be included in the self-care bundle raffle by watching and commenting on the event before 9p EST tonight! (5/14).

And if you aren't able to watch the entire re-cap, the virtual event will be released as a weekly self-care mini-series that'll be on the Visionary Nurse YouTube page. SUBSCRIBE!

And don't forget to download a vision board template offered by Bayada Home Health to start crafting your vision. Make sure to schedule a coaching session with me to support you as you strategize how to be sustainably innovative in your approach to nursing!

I was also thankful to share in very real conversations surrounding hospital safety in honor of fellow nurse, Lynne Truxillo. The work continues, and if you want to know more ways you can be an advocate in honor of this nurse hero, click the link!

And of course there were these awesome moments that came throughout the week:

And this...

As a plug, if you're looking for a culturally intensive abroad experience for health professionals and students check out: Somos Hermanos, Inc !

Finally, the week ended with a fun and engaging Early Career Tips Instagram Takeover in honor of this year's graduating nursing class and early nurse professionals. The event featured three nurse leaders highlighting their journey and tips for the trade. Head over to my instagram page to see the re-cap. Stay plugged in for future Instagram Coaching tips and events to support you in your visionary journey!

Whew! So, that's a wrap. Thanks again for celebrating Nurses Week with me. And remember: use everyday to dare to be influentially visionary!

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