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*NEW EPISODE* Self Care Academy Mini-Series: Ep 3

\ F R I D A Y ! ! / It's week THREE of the Visionary Nurse self-care academy!

I've taken our Nurses Week Virtual Appreciation Event on Self-care and created 15-min segments over 4 weeks just for you! Hopefully these self-care "pit stops" will refresh you and give you a Visionary dose of balance in your busy schedule!💡 And subscribe to the Visionary Nurse YouTube channel to replay last week's episode:📺 Don't forget to drop a comment here or on the YouTube channel to let us know what you think. The mini-series will end with a live YouTube premier with giveaways! Stay tuned... Enjoy! p.s. The video gets a little choppy😳, but the audio is excellent! Hope you can still snag some takeaways😅 Hosts: Antonette Montalvo (Visionary Nurse) and Brie Holmes #selfcare #visionarynurse #fridaymood #takeabreak #pitstop

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