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Don't worry about failure...

"Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try." ~Jack Canfield

So much truth wrapped up in these words. Yet, it does take some maturity and growth to see failures as pivot points, instead of as what the word implies - inability to execute the task at hand.

You see, visionary growth, whether in your profession, education, relationships, or life goals, requires you to take the focus solely off of yourself (i.e. Oh no - I messed up; I failed; I didn't make it... period). And, instead, it pushes you to see and evaluate that "failure" in a broader perspective.

Failure may push you to have to self-reflect: "yes, I may have missed the mark (I acknowledge and own it), but now - how can I learn, and also transform the situation so that it not only grows me, but also helps someone else learn from the error?" That, my friend, is the true mark of a visionary leader.

So, here's me saying - yes, it hurts to fail, but by trying again, you are one opportunity closer to being influentially visionary.... 💡 p.s. In case you needed a reminder: your life IS worth it. You ARE worth it. You ARE necessary, and the world needs you. 💖

p.p.s. Stay tuned for the final week of my Self-Care Academy mini-series (I took the week off for a special event - details to come in a later blog!) I'll launch the final episode with a special YouTube live event + giveaways! (set to released: June 21, 2019). See you then!

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