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When vision becomes reality...

This visionary nurse journey has been both the most challenging and exciting time of my life. Yet, I would not change it for the world. And when I am actually able to see vision come to reality, I am nothing short of amazed by the beautiful opportunities that come my way!

One MAJOR update has been...

I've recently gotten connected with an incredible society of nurses known as SONSIEL (Society of Nurse Scientist, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders) - an organization with a vision to see "a world where nurses are significant leaders recognized for transforming healthcare and our society." Even greater news - I was inducted as a Founding Member! It is an amazing honor, and little did I know it would be instrumental in turning vision into reality.

By taking the leap, and embarking on this journey, including the launch of my e-book, I've had the incredible experience of connecting with a whole network of like-minded visionary nurses who are committed to innovatively changing the landscape of health in their own unique way. And, as an additional result of my affiliation with SONSIEL, I have also been privileged to be recognized as a FIEL (Fellow of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership)!

Not only does this recognition further validate this mission I am on to change the landscape of healthcare in my sphere of influence, but also further supports my vision to motivate, inspire, and elevate the vision of others through my role as a Coach and Mentor for Nurses.

And, one of the many incredible results of this new affiliation with SONSIEL has been my recent visit to NYC, where I joined a launch group of fellow SONSIEL members to be oriented to the United Nations!!

Being affiliated with the United Nations has been a vision of mine, and in all my envisioning, sometimes you never really know how these things will play out until they are in your face.

Well... some big news was just unveiled on my LinkedIn profile (if you're on LinkedIn - connect with me!)...!!!

Not only is SONSIEL officially an Associate Member of the United Nations, but I have a direct opportunity to serve as a committee member, and globally carry out my mission of changing the landscape of healthcare in such an honorable way! Talk about humbled beyond measure.

Receiving this opportunity makes me think of this quote I came across while visiting the amazing King Center in Atlanta, GA (if you haven't checked it out... Go! It's inspiring, emotionally overwhelming, and historic. Oh yeah, and it's free!)

As a Nurse, whether with patients, families, communities, or coaching other nurses, I hope to always stand up for truth, justice, and righteousness. And I look forward to more opportunities to live that out through the United Nations, and many more open doors...

p.s. If you didn't get a chance to catch the final two episodes of the Nurses Week Self-Care Academy Mini-Series on my Visionary Nurse YouTube Channel - hop over to take a look.

I also had a Facebook Live event with a few giveaways, and an opportunity into enter a raffle for a Complimentary 30-minute coaching session with me OR Consult with Luis E Montalvo - Owner of HMS Co. Branding and Marketing - a division of Heavenly Music Studios. Oh yeah, and he's my tech guy, publisher of my ebook, and hubs!

p.p.s There's still time to enter the raffle if you "like" or share the FB Live event, comment on the self-care academy mini-series episodes or Subscribe to the YouTube Channel, join the Visionary Nurse Facebook page, or recruit a friend to sign-up as a member to And hey - if you do it all, more chances to win!

Ok - that's it for now. Thanks for sticking around for all the updates. It's always an honor connecting with you! May you continue to dare to be influentially visionary!

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