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Your daily dose of balance...

"Not everything in life is supposed to make sense; some things are just supposed to make you stop, and if even for just a moment— think" ~Terence Vincent Smith, philosopher

Sometimes we can spend an excessive amount of time trying to figure life out, trying to make sense of our failures and accomplishments; trying to rationalize every issue we encounter— before we even stop and understand what's happening around us.

And as this Thinker so eloquently reflected—there's much merit to:

1. Taking space to think, reflect, and process where we are, and ultimately— where we want to go;

2. Avoiding the stress of trying to make sense out of something that it is truly just meant to get our attention;

3. Assessing where you need to give room for vision to grow— in the middle of details and busyness— so that there is also room for everything else to fall into line.

And as Simon T. Bailey put it:

"Balance doesn’t mean doing everything. Re-examine your priorities and set boundaries. Be honest with yourself in what you can and cannot do. Only you can restore harmony to your lifestyle, and this often requires a shift." ~Simon T. Bailey

Wow! That one hit me to the core.

Newsflash: To all the "overachievers" out there (including myself), doing everything doesn't make you a better person, nor are you "weak" for being willing to "let go" of certain things. It's necessary to set boundaries— for your own peace of mind, and to be sustainable for others.

And although the situations we encounter in life don't always make sense (at least not right away)— these encounters or circumstances in life should not just always be “scrolled” over, but, instead, challenge us to “put the brakes on,” and slow down long enough to effectively process the barrage of stimuli we encounter on a daily basis. Of course, this is often easier said than done.

And, if truth be told, our façade of "being in charge" of everything may really be more about [my] pride and control issues, versus thinking we (I) have it all figured out (at least I'm calling myself out on this one...).

So, during this season, here’s a reminder for myself, and to all of you out there: being a Visionary Leader doesn't equate to being the Lone Ranger; that's a sure-fire path to burning out. Believe me, I know many of us have been there, and never want to be there again.

And, if you truly value your businesses, families, livelihoods, and yourselves:

• Be willing to say "no," defer the task to later, and even, rest.

• Be willing to delegate, ask for help, and create space so you can be more effective for yourself and for others.

• Be willing to hold on trying to make sense of it right away, if the situation requires more capacity to process, than what you have at the moment.

• Be willing to be present with the people and circumstances that are around you—until you actually have the mental space to get some clarity.

And, with clarity comes balance, and with balance comes the space to make wisely influential and impactful change.

So, to you and yours... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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