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Celebrating the daily wins...

I know, I know... it's been a little while since I've actually posted something, but on the flip side - it's been with great reason. I've gotten a chance to connect with with many of you on a more face-to-face level; it's been wonderful!

to an amazing opportunity to encourage and motivate the staff of the Good Sam Atlanta,

I am humbled by literally every opportunity I am given. However, on a transparent note - sometimes, no matter how much I am able to do, or who I am able to encourage, I still struggle with celebrating the "daily" wins. And, if I'm really transparent, it is often easier for me to harp on the failures, the mess-ups, or the less-than-perfect moments, rather than appreciate the day-to-day moments that lead up to those bigger celebrations.

And, as much as I would like to promote that I quickly bounce back, learn from every experience, and move forward right away - it is not always the easiest. This is especially true when I feel like I'm on some sort of "winning streak."

What I've come to realize is that, I like to win... let me re-phrase that: I really like to win. Shocker? Ha... for many, this is nothing new. But, I am learning to curtail that a bit, and be more balanced in both my "wins" and "losses."

And, when I feel like I can't deliver, whether a "fault" of my own, or something/someone else's, it's hard to take a step back. It's also hard to really be open and honest with myself and say, there are still positives that can come out of this seeming "failure."

What I am grasping, with time and intentionality, is that the more opportunities that I have to walk out my vision, the more I must, and I want to emphasize must, be content with the daily wins, the small advancements, the progress that often gets discredits or swallowed up when things don't go the way expected. And, this even includes that feeling one gets when you happen to just have a "normal" day.

Recognizing those daily wins (what I am trying to remember) helps me (and hopefully you), in a holisically, healthy way (and, if I'm honest - a mature way), appreciate that I don't always have to have some big, dynamic (or dramatic) moment, every.single.time, to celebrate and be grateful for what's happening around me. As I start to focus on these daily wins more often, it helps keep things in perspective, as well as, keeps me humble when big moments do occur. Even more importantly, it prevents me from diving into any negative spirals if something doesn't meet my expectations, or pan out the way I intended for them to.

So, yes, I am happy with the amazing things that are happening, but I am also resting in the everyday things too (like getting this blog post done!).

As you start off this new week, and before you get bogged down in the seeming disappointments, or even overly inflate the moments of incredible accomplishment, pause and appreciate the daily wins in life, to keep you balanced. And, I encourage you to find rest, keep track, and remember those everyday things that you don't even realize keep you going every step of the way. With an attitude of daily gratefulness, I believe it actually helps you walk into your purpose, but it also allows you to be truly and influentially visionary for others.

Happy Monday!


Sep 24, 2022

I enjoyed reading this

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Thank you for the comment. May you dare to be influentially visionary! ~Antonette, Visionary Nurse®️

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