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In case you needed a reminder...

As this year comes to an end, I wanted to leave you a little reminder. Remember: there's more to life than just your profession, or what you do to generate income for yourself or your family. It's not to say that your profession or revenue are not important, but be reminded it is not everything. Your very life is most important. How you navigate the lowest days and the highest highs have merit. How you celebrate -- not only your accomplishments, but also the accomplishments of others -- it all has great value.

Of course, we all want to live a life of purpose and substance. And, in an ideal world, we would love for what we do to be matched with what we are most passionate about. But, in that journey, in that pursuit to such an outcome, where passion and action are in sync, remember the importance of your everyday life in the mix of it. Remember that it's how you show up every day in the middle of the challenges of your life, as well as how you may show up in the lives of others. These moments, these experiences, this processes, they are often what define who you are, and often map out the true essence of your life, your vision, and your legacy.

Every day of your life, whether you recognize it or now, has the opportunity... the potential to change the trajectory of everything around you. So, know that even in the seemingly most insignificant things of your life, no experience is every really wasted, no matter the outcome. As long as you choose to see it for what it is, embrace it for what it can be, and utilize it for good, you have the ability to influence someone else's life for the better, and ultimately be influentially visionary in all you do.

May you recognize your value, the value of others, and may you dare to be influentially visionary!

p.s. Looking for something to spark your vision as you wrap of the year and head into the new year? Don't forget to secure your access to the Visionary Leadership & Resilience Course. Now available on-demand!

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