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Prepare to BE a Pivotal Pivot in 2021

A pivot can be defined as “a key position or person”, as well as “a person, thing, or factor having a major or central role, function, or effect” (Merriam-webster). Additionally, something that is PIVOTAL is defined as “vitally important” or “CRITICAL” (Merriam-webster). And, for many, 2020 has truly been a pivotal year that may have caused you to pivot (in this sense: it’s caused you to take the action of turning) in ways you never thought imaginable.

See, the key in pivots (action) is that the pivot itself doesn’t actually move you forward or backward, it just turns you around. Some can be turned in an endless cycle or loop, finding yourself dizzy with the swirl of situations that have formed around you in this year. Some, have found themselves being launched forward into places that may have never happened if this “turn of events” had never occurred. This may have been, closer to family; new endeavors in business; stronger self-identity; or, more importantly, closer to God. And for some, this pivotal year may have left you turning and spinning in circles to the point that it is has thrown you off and left you feeling like you were going backwards, and now trying to get your bearings as to who you are and where you’re going.

Regardless of where you find yourself, when something pivotal happens in life, a pivot, if embraced the right way, is actually necessary to get in the right direction, and ultimately, right position. However, it is not the action of the pivot itself that produces the progress, transition, or change. The action of the pivot (if applied correctly) simply helps you align yourself [your vision, your purpose, your destiny], accordingly. Like a player on a basketball team, that pivot gets you either facing closer to your goal, or, unfortunately, away from where you’re headed.

As you read this, you may be saying, that sounds great in theory, but there has been so much in this year that I literally am not able to figure out whether I’m coming or going at this point. Or, you may feel like you’ve spiraled too out of control in this year alone, and just want it to be done. What I say to that is, STOP. Yes, literally stop for a moment, pause, give yourself a minute to think about where you are, who you are, and where you want to go. Even if this year has left you spinning in circles, there is still time to re-align. If you feel like you don't see where you're going, check your stance, be willing to turn, and check where you may have gotten off course, changed or shifted focus, or just need to look in a new direction altogether. That crucial (or dare I say, pivotal) moment of pause is necessary at this very moment to re-gain your footing and allow yourself to recognize and acknowledge that, YES: YOU have made it, you have endured, you have managed to embrace all you’ve encountered and experienced, and you have (whether perfectly or not) now positioned YOURSELF to not just pivot, but, instead, BE a PIVOT [a key person] that carries a “major or central role or function” for the PIVOTAL [vitally important; critical] future we are preparing to walk into in the New Year.

So, whether this pivotal time, and ultimately, the one to come, has left you turning and spinning in circles, has thrown you off and left you feeling like you were going backwards, or, on a positive front, has propelled you forward into new endeavors, situations, or relationships, now is the time to stop, pause, and get your bearings on where you stand right now. And, as you prepare to pivot (action) into a new year that may change or transition the way you approach life — remember, the key at this point is to strategically give yourself an opportunity to re-gain your focus, and now take that necessary step FORWARD into your God-designed vision, destiny, and future.

I’m rooting for you and excited to see you shine!


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