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The Highlight Reel: Birthday Edition!

I am just a few days shy of a new year, and I usually don't like to make a big fuss about my birthday. But, this year, I am choosing to shout my joy from the rooftops, as this has been such a unique year for me. There have been a host of very remarkable experiences that have happened along the way, both positive, and some a bit difficult to digest (one such major blow was the devastation by Hurricane Dorian to several individual islands within my beloved Islands of the Bahamas).

Yet, this year has truly been the year of "the highlight reel" for me.

First, the fact that I am alive and well today, and even have the opportunity to reflect on the moments I've been gifted with, is a miracle in itself. As many know by now, just a little over 10 months ago, I was at near-death after the delivery of our second child, which was a transformational pivot in our lives. This life-altering moment left me feeling beyond grateful for life, but even more motivated to embrace what I felt my visionary influence is and has always been. After a humbling recovery process, I took it upon myself to throw fear out the window, and truly dare to be influentially visionary. You see, my tagline has become my life motto, because it has required me to literally be willing to dare to be an influence despite the circumstances in my life.

This desire, drive, and God-given inspiration, has truly lended me a whirlwind of opportunities, one of the biggest open doors included the publishing of my e-book: Visionary Nurse: 90-Days of Inspirational Musings on being Inspirational Visionary (stay tuned for a special announcement at the end). That move alone, though I second-guessed myself for a year, was the open door I needed to propel myself forward, and stop shrinking back from recognizing my gift to inspire and motivate the vision in others.

I have been in awe, even in the middle of the challenges, of every good thing that I have been blessed with, and it continues. Yes, there have been tears, hardships, disappoints, and everything in between, but I have also seen an amazing life unfold along the way. As I reflect, I wanted to share the highlight reel of a few recent happenings (plus some upcoming) in this 'new year':

Penn Nursing: Conversations with Nurse Leaders: On September 27, I was invited to inspire the future generations of nursing, at the University of Pennsylvania, through a Lecture Series hosted by Dr. Lisa Lewis and the Office for Diversity and Inclusivity at Penn Nursing. It was an amazing experience, and grateful to allow my story to inspire others. Check out the recording from the live event here:

On October 10, as a Founding Member, I was honored to be a part of SONSIEL's Nurse Delegation to the United Nations in NYC for a World Mental Health Day Forum.

With the rise of crises in mental health, especially as it relates to suicide, very important discussions about prevention and wellness are taking place on the community level both locally and globally. As a reminder, don't be afraid to let someone know if you're struggling.

On October 12, in Orlando, FL (it really has been a whirlwind), I was given the opportunity to present at the American Nurses Association's American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Conference sponsored by BD.

It was an incredible experience, to say the least, as I was given the opportunity to engage fellow nurses, administrators, and ANA leaders with the story of our Community Health Initiative journey, as well as share some of my reflections on rural health and the vision to change the landscape of healthcare.


And now for what's coming down the pipeline:

~Community Influencers in the Philadelphia area - Register for Philly's upcoming Movement Day, November 8th as a commitment to positively impact the city in a unified and influential way.

~Nurses with ideas, inventions, and product designs, join SONSIEL On November 15 - 17, 2019 for its Inaugural Nurse Hack-a-thon in New Brunswick, NJ, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. Take your innovation to the next level!

~Join me on December 12th to continue the conversation with BD on innovation in population health with the Nursing Innovation across the Continuum of Care Webinar

And finally, something near and dear to my heart... as mentioned, some of my beloved Islands of the Bahamas were ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, barely 1 month ago, especially in Northern Bahamas islands of Freeport and Abaco.

I, personally, had family members and friends severely impacted by this storm, and the recovery continues, as there is MUCH left to be repaired (on all fronts). I will be sharing details of more relief efforts in the coming months, but as a small way to help my family, and any who need it, on my birthday, all proceeds from any of my e-book sales that occur on October 21st will go directly to Bahamas recovery work (both for my family and to organizations). It's a way for me to give to you, while you give to others. If you'd like to partner with me, just go to, and type in bahamas relief as a note at checkout to make sure its counted. Please spread the word, and I thank you in advance!

Alright, that's my highlight reel! Thanks for making this year a special one for me! May you dare (in this year, and every year) to be influentially visionary!


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