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Wealth without wisdom is wasted

In this New Year, I imagine, although it may have felt difficult to sustain once the clock struck midnight, that you had tremendous goals and dreams that you wanted to accomplish, which may have felt usurped in 2020. Or, maybe you did accomplish those dreams, but now you're unsure of your next steps, or how to go to the next level. Either way, I am sure in one way, shape, or form, many of us are waiting on God to do BIG things in our lives; we are boldly speaking vision; and we are expectantly waiting for greatness to manifest.

Right before the start of the year, I also previously sensed that, because of the challenges that many of us faced in 2020, the refining and resilience that many gained, as a result of navigating the collective challenges of 2020, have now, in turn, prepared many of us to be a "pivotal pivot" in 2021 and beyond (see original post here).

However, in the midst of the waiting, declaring, and standing, there is one very important factor to consider: at all costs, MAKE SURE you are asking [seeking, acquiring, searching] for wisdom FIRST, FOREMOST, and the MOST, in your pursuit of all things great.

To preface it, wisdom does not equal years, or time... always. For me, in a more profoundly personal way, wisdom equals:

the God-inspired ability to properly handle and manage the thing [vision, hope, dream, desire] at hand with an ability and dexterity that allows you to navigate it responsibly and appropriately.

And, from a standard perspective, by definition, wisdom simply means, "good sense: judgment," or "insight." (source: Merriam-Webster).

Now, in the pursuit for wisdom, take note that wealth and wisdom do not only apply to financial things or money. For many, even from a biblical or societal standpoint, there is a tendency to envision the iconic "father" of wisdom, Solomon, and his request for wisdom (see: 1 Kings 3 in the Bible for reference), when considering what it means to gain wisdom and acquire wealth. However, in a broader and more holistic sense, the pursuit of wisdom actually tends to include just about everything significant in our lives. Yes, wisdom is most definitely needed for wealth management and acquisition, but it is also needed for health and healthy living, creating and maintaining healthy and balanced relationships, enduring challenging situations, embracing life circumstances, and pursuing hopes, dreams, or whatever your heart is longing for.

Regardless of the perspective you're choosing, at the end of the day, wealth, whether of time, energy, knowledge, finances, (or whatever) is wasted without WISDOM. And, as the opening image of this blog eloquently and dually alluded to, after encountering so much in this last year alone, we simply cannot afford to, nor do we need to, allow our "talent" to be wasted. Wisdom truly is the invaluable element that provides us a level of assurance needed to protect our God-given visions, and ultimately, what we're destined to accomplish. As the Bible says in Proverbs (which is often identified as the "book of wisdom"): "Get wisdom, get understanding (Proverbs 4:5a NIV);..."for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare to her" (Proverbs 8:11 NIV).

So, in your search for success, greatness, and the amazing things that God can and WILL do with you and through you, by all means, and at all costs, as Proverbs 4 charges us, GET WISDOM, PLEASE! And, as the old proverb simply puts it, "waste not, want not." In this way, you won't squander, or waste, what you've so diligently pursued and waited for, as I am confident you are being crafted to create and be an amazing impact.

Rooting for you in this New Year! May you dare to be influentially visionary.


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