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Check out some of the wonderful things others have shared about working with me!

Penn nursing conversation leaders

" I am so thankful to have connected with Antonette, especially at such a critical time in my journey when I needed support the most! As a novice entrepreneur, I was seeking guidance, validation and mentorship from established nursing mentors and Antonette fulfilled this role and surpassed my expectations beyond measure! She has an uncanny ability to discern the needs and roadblocks of her clients instantly. She poured into me and curated a roadmap with actionable steps resulting in me harnessing my confidence and authority in my business! I am eternally grateful for her coaching expertise and phenomenal leadership in the nursing profession!"


-Ananya Datta, CRNP, MPH, RN



"I really needed this session and feel a new sense of motivation to complete each item now that I have an action plan. Yes. I now have an action plan to execute instead of doing things in an unorganized way. I gained so much in an hour. You are easy to speak with and it was like talking to a friend. I felt like you were honest and have a genuine interest in my progress. Also, you were knowledgeable about grants that I could pursue. It was a great session." ~JR

"Speaking to you helped me clarify my objectives and message to others."


"Since I have talked to you, I have written my goals and what I want my future to look like.  I have begun taking the necessary steps to attain these goals and feel that they are truly possible. Thanks again for talking to me and for thinking of me." ~CB

"I was first inspired by Antonette from her webinar on being a visionary and influential nurse. At the time, I was looking for affirmation and direction in my own nursing career. She was so motivating, sparking in me a newfound interest in nursing innovation. Now fast forward a few months, I am well on my way to pursue and explore nursing innovation as part of my career and MSN degree, even going on to receive further affirmation from winning an award at the first ever Nurse Hackathon this year. I am thankful for this new direction in my career.  Thank you Antonette!"

~ MY

"Best staff meeting of the year!👏 Thank you for being there!"

~Veronica Squires, Chief Administrative Officer, The Good Sam Atlanta

"The thoughtfulnes and attention to detail was evident throughout your presentation and into our mini coaching session as well. When you took the time to get to know me before the webinar and then gave me great feedback during our coaching session I felt as if you had really put some time and thought into not only what I needed but also who I am. For example, I was surprised that you caught onto creativity as a strength of mine with such little time together! Based on your feedback during our mini coaching session I am going to begin working" ~NC

With deepest gratitude,
Antonette Montalvo, Visionary Nurse®

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