Antonette Montalvo - Visionary Nurse Travel Funds

My name is Antonette Montalvo, and I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship in 2018, as a result of launching Montalvo International Community Health Initiative in 2017 - a grassroots movement committed to collaboratively changing the landscape of health for children and their families in vulnerable populations. As a result, and after many unexpected rejections, challenges, and pivots, my branding as the "Visionary Nurse" was born:

This new found vision led me to then launch my own small business as a Community Health Consultant and Coach and Mentor for Nurses - as a way to strategically support other organizations looking to have a more community-focused approach to their outreach, but also as an opportunity to inspire, motivate, and mentor other health professionals, especially nurses, to embrace their own unique vision and mission that would innovatively impact their spheres of influence.

As a result, I have had many doors opened to gain affiliation with the United Nations, be extended invitations to participate in Nurse-led Hack-a-thons for healthcare innovation, as well as see co-authored publications receive awards. However,  like any new business, financial support, start-up funds, and the ability to operate a lean business is always a challenge. This is where you may be able to help!

In all the endeavors that I undertake, it is all with the underlying mission and vision to improve health and access to health on a holistic level for all populations. Whether being a motivational speaker to a groups of nurses, or collaborating with organizations to educate their communities on health and wellness, my business is my mission. In order to continue to attend some of these strategic events, such as:

- Travel to New York City/United Nations for World Mental Health Day program on October 10th
- Travel to the American Public Health Association Conference in Philadelphia to participate in an awards ceremony for a co-authored research publication
- Travel to New Brunswick, New Jersey for a Nurse-led Hack-a-thon, as well as debut the release of a collaborative publication

I need your support to be a part of these very important events that are being extended to me, as well as to help keep our family moving forward while I take advantage of these opportunities (i.e. childcare or family travel for my husband and two boys to be with relatives close to these events while I am participating in the meetings).

Any and all help you are able to extend while I build my business, and see strategic doors open is an investment not only into me, but also my vision to change the landscape of health nationally and globally. I appreciate your consideration and willingness to support me in this endeavor.

With deepest gratitude,
Antonette Montalvo, Visionary Nurse