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Visionary Leadership & Resilience E-Course

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*Full E-Course Now Available for only: $29 (originally $77). Welcome to the Visionary Nurse®: Visionary Leadership & Resilience E-course! In this 5-session online course, we will discuss vision planning, living a visionary life, visionary resilience and leadership, and self-care and personal sustainability. Each session of the course will be available as a self-paced, on-demand resource designed to be give you an opportunity to truly grasp your visionary potential and support your unique purpose as a resilient leader. To enhance your e-course experience, Antonette recommends the following Visionary Nurse® resources (order in the Visionary Nurse® Shop): - Living a Visionary Life™ Journal - Visionary Nurse®: 90 Days of Inspirational Musings on Being Influentially Visionary *IMPORTANT: By joining this course, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of this online course. To review full terms and conditions prior to purchase, please click the following link:

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