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Seasons are temporary, but vision is forever...

As the air begins to chill, and yet another season ends, it's easy to feel a bit resistant to the change in temperature, and season. Or at least, that's how I feel. But, it's important to recognize that although the change is imminent, the balance is important.

To be successful in the tough times, as well as flourish when you are in your "stride," it is important to clearly understand your vision, both personally and professionally, as well as be strategic about who and what you surround yourself with to promote and maintain a healthy outlook on your seasons.

Throughout your life journey, vision often signifies direction, and seasons signify growth or change. When we are able to recognize early on, although difficult, that the learning curve, the feeling like a "cog in the wheel," the process, will not be the same for forever, it is in these moments that you are able to embrace all seasons as a sign of positive change and growth, even when it doesn't always seem that way.

Of course, in the middle of the crisis, challenge, or "imperfect" moment, it is difficult to see the opportunity, growth, or importance of the process. So, practically speaking, there are a few key thoughts to keep in mind when thinking about how to stay focused on your vision when your season seems a bit "wintry."

1. Link up with other people who are "bigger" than you. Mentors are worth more than gold, because the level of wisdom and experience they attribute to your growth can go a long way. Find people who will know how to guide you to your next step, but also reassure you when it seems the process is too overwhelming.

2. Avoid getting caught up in the detrimental cycle of "venting" to those who are going through the exact same thing you're encountering. Although those conversations can be therapeutic to an extent, it can also leave you bitter and resistant, versus encouraged and motivated, to continue to do what you love. Positive and balanced relationships are key to seeing when your situation needs to change or you need to change.

3. Consider creating goals for each season, while remaining true to both your personal and professional vision(s). By keeping a fresh perspective while also being willing to shift with the times, it helps keep you grounded when circumstances throw you for a loop.

4. Never let your current situation, title or job define you. Instead, let your vision define you, and let your dreams be the fuel to help you move forward. There may be ups and downs, but your present situation is just that, in the present. Your future is to be determined (if you desire to see it differently).

5. Be bold. Courage and boldness can be the missing link to living out your greatest dreams and ideas. Don't short change yourself (or others) with fear. Be encouraged that your success is ultimately the positive influence that you (or someone else) needs to succeed.

So embrace the seasons, live out your dreams, and be visionary!

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