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Culture of Health - Community Health Education

Health and education - and finding ways to blend the two - is my greatest passion. In many ways, it's the reason I even started this Visionary Nurse journey. I wanted to have an impact on health and healthy behaviors, on a community level, in rural South Carolina.

I set out to achieve the lofty goal of starting a health initiative that would collaboratively and holistically transform health in the area, because I was that passionate about improving access to care on a community level. Although leaving my community in Philadelphia to re-locate to rural South Carolina with my family has not been an easy process, to have the opportunity to educate others and change the culture of health has kept me going. And having opportunities, like seen below, to teach, interact, and share with others who want to see a difference in their health is truly a blessing!

So, for those who have dreams that seem difficult, impossible, or even risky - dig deep and embrace the journey! Know that as you live out your purpose, you have the opportunity to have an impact on others in an influentially visionary way!

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