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Nurse on Purpose

It's always amazing to find Nurse colleagues who share a similar vision and passion to be innovative in the approach to the role of nurse professionals as visionary leaders.

One such nurse I have had the privilege to get to know is Chinelo Ofoma, Owner of

Nurse on Purpose, a site committed to challenging media stereotypes of nurses.

As quoted on her website:

"Nurse On Purpose was born out of a passionate desire to create positive change in the way the world views nurses."

Her focus is truly an amazing undertaking, as our global view of nurses across has shaped our understanding and viewpoint of the role and impact of nurses - both positive and negative. And in this changing world, which is constantly full of ebbs and flows of how we identify and define ourselves, it's refreshing to see a #visionarynurse impacting her sphere of influence in this way.

And as a bonus, I was also honored to be featured on Chinelo's website as a #NotableNurse - alongside a group of #nurseinnovators and #nurseleaders disrupting the nursing profession in their own way.

What an exciting time we are in, and looking forward to highlighting others in their journey to being influentially visionary.

Cheers to you, Chinelo, for being a #nurseonpurpose and a truly #visionarynurse!

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