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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." ~Thomas A. Edison If this was still April 1st, it would be appropriately funny if this came across as a moment to say "April Fools!," and laugh about the fact that I would never give up on my vision. But, all jokes aside, there are many times where I do feel like doing so.

This quote by Thomas Edison, however, came at a timely moment to help me push past that thought process.

You see, even one of the Founding Fathers of vision, himself, probably understood that we all go through seasonal ebbs and flows that can feel insurmountable, willing us to quit, instead of pushing us through.

And, even despite the many "successes" I myself feel like I have encountered in the past few weeks like:

Connecting with my Penn Nursing Network to talk about all things Innovation and Leadership, and

encouraging others in their personal journey and vision, and

find opportunities to highlight how my lessons, struggles, and challenges have found a way to propel others forward...

it's not always easy.

And in all transparency, I am no stranger to this "weakness," and often fall into the trap of wanting to give up on my own vision. But, it is just in those moments, that I find strength in the most unlikely and unexpected places to give me the energy to forge towards my purpose.

And for you - even in all your successes and accomplishments - fear, doubt, and the desire to drop it all will try to overpower you, especially when you are closest to seeing major change, or being the very voice of reason for someone else.

So, in case you needed a reminder, I am using this moment to encourage you to also never give up. You may feel like throwing in the towel; but remember: your success, your purpose, your vision is in sight.

Keep going! p.s. If you want to stay encouraged, download your copy of my new e-book: Visionary Nurse, right here on my website:

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