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Self-Care Academy Mini-Series: Episode 1

Happy Friday! As promised, the first week of the Visionary Nurse Self-care Academy has been launched. I've divided up our recent Nurses Week Virtual Appreciation event into 15-min segments to enjoy over the next 4 weeks. Watch during lunch (if you get one!), listen while you commute, or just play in the background while you run errands. Hopefully these self-care "pit stops" will refresh you and hopefully give you a visionary dose of balance in your busy schedule! If you'd like to get access to the full episode or replay each mini-series episode - subscribe to the Visionary Nurse YouTube channel to stay up-to-date.

And as a little support for me, it would be wonderful if you dropped a comment on the Visionary Nurse Facebook Page, or on the YouTube channel - to let me know what you think, and even future topics you'd like to see discussed. As a BIG bonus, the mini-series will end with a local event. Stay tuned if you're in the area! More details to come... Enjoy! p.s. FYI: The sound is a little odd until 1:15. Thanks for your patience!

p.p.s. Come hang out with me and be inspired in your own vision on my brand new Visionary Nurse instagram feature page! Hosts: Antonette Montalvo and Brie Holmes #selfcare #visionarynurse #fridaymood #takeabreak #pitstop

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